Friday, 8 December 2017

Tall (New) Order

Off to The Waterfont last night to catch Peter Hook and the Light pound through nearly 2 hours of New Order stuff then a cracking Joy division set. Very surprised to find a long queue snaking up the road. It s a smallish venue and it was packed to the rafters. New Orders longevity  meant the demographic stretched a bit but by god there were  a lot of tall buggers there. Some mean old feckers too. Like long stay carpers or pikers but tidier. The crowd thinned for the Joiy Division sessior but wer  more enthusuastic.

Adam Ant made a din here with his double drummer attack and Hooky had bought a fellow bassist along to create  a deeper attack. The New Order stuff was as good as you'd expect but made better with that more direct approach. I don't readily recognise their stuff by name but things like State of the Nation, Procession never ceased to amaze me when played on day time radio back then and were  corkers last night.

"How does it feel, when you treat me like an eel? Tie me to the back of a bike and ride down a steep big hill. Release me in a fast flowing stream, and say I swam off alright.." Typical Alresford malarkey there.

The keyboard players always remind me of someone who is in the band cos their dad has got a van.

3 pints and the last train home. Not a bad night.

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