Sunday, 21 October 2018

Hot, hot, heat

The unseasonable warmth continues and the fish are still scattered round the system and showing themselves everywhere. A lot of dace at the moment, I'd forgotten a catapult so the larger fish over the other side were not really in range so it was mostly the nursery fish today. One a chuck though.

I had a micro chub and  a not much bigger roach and two perch, this being the largest.

Twice the smelt was taken, and both fish really fought well. The smaller  about 7ish went back without a photo but this was a bit better and  a passer by stopped to capture the moment. No summer leanness on these river fish.

I'd blagged a full 3 pints of maggot for the price of one as they were on the turn so I hope to get them riddled off and ready for a few more sessions.

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