Sunday, 28 October 2018

The endless march

"Those bloody maggots have got out again..". Luckily they were quite morose and hadn't ventured far round the fridge.

Plan B then. After yesterdays icy deluge it was just cold. Rain was forecast for 3 and a north easterly to boot but out on to the flood plain to hunker down behind two smelts. 5 herons, like ghostly grey ox peckers  picked for frogs round the cattle.

The rain never came and neither did the pike. The infernal signal crays did though. Beastly things.A lot of surface debris and to top it all a far bank resident marked his territory by quite deliberately bailing his boat all over my float. He's done it before. Very passive aggressive  I think he is like that long suffering Graham on the advert who is constantly at the beck and call of an unseen, insistent voice  so I do tend to keep a lowish profile in front of his lawn.

As I reached the last stile a white shape got up in front of the retreating cattle. Egret? A white disc of a face swivelled to meet my gaze not 20 feet away. A barn owl.

Pitch black by 10 past 5. That extra hour? Of course the children were up at their usual hour, which to day was  now 4.45.  Bugger.

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