Monday, 14 January 2019

Offaly good stuff

I'm crocked with a seized lower back so a planned quick raid on the Wissey for some plump roach and even plumper perch had to be put on ice, rather like me. Move over Murray.

Still, managed to sneak  this  little snack for lunch.

Kidneys on sourdough. Not especially devilled but  much better than a Greggs vegan roll. Bit rare to be fair and a certain air of piss as bought to the table but devoured none the less.


  1. Posh mini-herbs too. Where was that? The Yurt? Regards, John

    1. Goldings in Lynn. I'll try the Market Bistro next door on my retirement day.

  2. Food of the gods BB - partial to DK's myself - add a bith of cider brandy to the mix! OK slightly underdone but not rare for me....I am guessing you have survived! TTFN Dickie