Friday, 25 January 2019

Tackle tarts

It seems these days that rods just have to be shorter and shorter. What are the point of these?


  1. BB,
    It seems that the modern angling scene is more about image than practicality? It only takes a "carp personality" to endorse a product, however useless, and the lame brained, sheep-like, tackle tarts can't spend their money quick enough. Woolworth's used to sell telescopic rods when I was a kid - just they didn't have a Nash logo! What good are these items? Growing sweet-peas possibly! - Toodle-pip - Dyl

    1. Think they're designed for 2 piece 6 footers.

  2. They're a waste of money from. No doubt there's a free 'I'm a Twat' T-shirt for every purchase. Have a Talker and ignore them. John

  3. Marketing trick, create a 'fashion' and cash in

  4. Ideal for the tackle tart yes but you only need a long rod for casting and picking up line at distance. Short rods in the margin are ideal and will beat a fish quickly.

    Quite why you would need a matching set of three??? But I often use am 8' rod and have taken good carp and pike on it - and it's way less than a 3 or 4 lb tc.

    He does his other "Ooh that's nice, must have one o' them" rods too. It's a two piece 6 footer where the handle is telescopic and extends to 9'. A mere £350 to those that once scoffed at telescopic rods :o)