Sunday, 24 February 2019

This week I am mostly

This week I am mostly catching pike. Saturday started grey and cool but by the ime I'd slipped past the sentry it had burnt off and though the wind was keen it was bright and cloudless. That put the roaching on bread back in the plan A folder so instead headed for the shadier bank on the irrigation pond and  a bit of  waggler  bashing. Hordes of mixed blades and if the bait got through a few perch. One of the better perch was taken for a swim by a seemingly toothless pike as it came back unscathed so out with the Avon rod and a micro sardine under a mini float and impaled on a 1/0 Aberdeen on 15lb wire. I'd hit on the spot because I had three pike in short order. 

They certainly put a bend in the light rod.

Probably hanging around this plump hen waiting for her to start to shed eggs.  What a superbly marked fish. So quick to unhook with the single too.

On to the Very Little Water Left Very Local Water this afternoon after multiple trips to the dump to use the "free " garden waste skip (everything else is now charged for) just because they can't charge and get narked. I gave myself two hours, just to see if the bream or tench had woken up with the mud pigs. Very clear and very low and in the sun very warm bankside. I did spark some interest with a light scattering of 6mm pellets and a tiny offering of 12mm Source with a couple of dips of the  small loaded float accompanied by odd breamish bubbles and a mud pig did up end by the float but sheared away in clouds of orange silt but in truth. I'd really only gone to get some sun on my bones 

A pike must have been thinking about the micro sardine for a while because as I began the last chance twitch back it pounced. A very stocky fish, and as often on the VLWLVLW  very dark in colouration. As it was on a big single again I decided not to get the the net and mat wet for  a photo and chinned it out. Not carrying spawn like the hen above but still feeling heavy for it's length.

Gonna be  bright and warm again tomorrow so will either head for a mill pool for some dace or perhaps a shady mud pig water for a method feeder frenzy.

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