Monday, 4 February 2019

What are the chances...

Twice now in one spot I've trotted a bait, got a drag under bite and hooked a Mepps or similar fair and square in the eye and both sans trace...

Sunday was bright, clear and cold and I thought the dace would be tucked right in under the cover of that grass mat so the pin would be well matched.  I had  a few but not as many as I hoped so I popped up on the iron work for a look see. There were significant numbers of dace and an odd bigger roach,  mostly in the further faster water but enough a little bit further than I'd been feeding to persevere.

A fixedie and a chubber or perhaps one of those carp dibbers would have been the better set up over just this side of that fast push so next time that's what I'll do, with plenty of hemp and maggot. I didn't pull up any trees but did enough to keep it fun and make the pain in my near frost bitten fingers in the still icy shade of the bridge just this side of bearable.

It was lovely to be able to catch fish virtually on demand when an inquisitive head poked over the bridge parapet and explain what they were to the myriad of families out walking and running. They had a perfect birds eye view of the shoal, the float approaching, burying and the fish darting and twisting once hooked in the clear water. Perhaps just one or two of the children will insist that their parents  keep good that promise to take them fishing one day.

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