Monday, 10 June 2019

Night Shift Shifters......

Saturday, Wet, big wind. Stir crazy. Change come tea time, dry, wind abated. Chores done, and a quick stock take...Golden Pond, road bank. Shorter rod, heavier line  as mud pigs a possibility and swim cramped. Plus, I have yet to catch a fish on the impulse buy Drennan Series 7 1.25tc Avon/Quivertip. Took a while for the fish to start to nose around  over the Spicy Sausage 6m pellets as the lorries thundered by, feet away behind  a crash barrier and otter fence and making the dam shake. Headlights increasingly bright in the hastening gloom. Two bites missed. Shorter rod, heavier tc? 3rd bite and fish on. And to the top and sliding into the net. Hardly a test of the rod it has to be said.
Had a bit of a dead feel but I'll have to put it to  a sterner test. Just discovered the Series 7 range has been discontinued. Perhaps my impulse buy should have been another Series 7 13ft Tench and Specimen Float to make a pair.

The float is one of my favourite puddle chuckers which had been floating around cocked for sometime hence the tide mark before I found a clutch thoughtfully stuck in the wire in the gate. The clip fitting is handy for quick changes but can come undone. I bulk buy my favoured 4gm ones when I find them. All goes back to a guided session with John Bailey last April when I also discovered short method hooklinks and Source minis...

Sunday much brighter and dry. Loads done including a troublesome hedge to cut and clippings to cart away so it wasn't till 430 that I was on my Island Paradise testing out a theory. As the Golden Pond continues to shrink I'm finding it harder to get the presentation sensitive enough using the tried and tested puddle chucker. Too far out for the lift often and way too shallow. Plenty of float movement (tail wash especially) but less definite bites. Do I fish tight to the holding shot or lay a bit more on the deck? Do I try a swing tip and into the sweet spot? Two of those are on order and I've dug out a rod with a threaded tip ring whilst Postman Pat  slips 'em in his sack.

Sweet spot?Well there a couple of encroaching pads  down the line, and its far too silty to attempt to to wade to trim them. The boat is watched like a hawk. The  real sweet spot lies behind the barely visible double white bud about half  a yard past the float. Tricky to overcast then wind back to sink the line.

In lieu of the awaited swing tip I went for a pair of bobbins under my Advanta Discovery 1.25's with a 10gm lead on a link and the trusty Source mini. Note the  Czech sleeping policemen (bobbins).

Bingo, right on the money  but with  a sizeable splash on the fishes heads, even with only 10gm. Would it put them off? Almost instantly indications and pulls and a very decent hybrid soon had the  rod  hooped with customary hybrid vigour (not a gardening joke). It's a 3000 size reel for scale.

I wasn't totally comfortable with the lead splash so kept one out the right and slipped into my favoured float position. This sleeper rod produced a bream and  a lovely roach. Comfortable or not I'm going to be on it when those swingtips arrive.

Its no hardship trying to get the presentation right when you are looking at this in front of you even in a shower. Bet there was a cracking rainbow behind me.

Three more bream on the float and  a small but feisty tench sent me home pleased. Where can I get  another of those float rods. Oh, and a couple more puddle chuckers are bobbing round the pond...

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