Monday, 16 December 2019

Product testing #1

First in what will probably be a short run.  I have not really eaten pork scratchings with pints. It used to be dry roast nuts  or scampi fries or moments which were cheesy umami type scamp fries with out the scampi and lemon. Then  I stopped going to pubs. Well, mostly anyway. 

But recently I've fallen under their spell. But only with a pint, or a good 500ml bottled beer. I blame the Horse and Groom in Tunstead. It was these Alf Turner ones that got me. It's on the way to Dangling Indirect and not too far off track for the river and the farm pond. What I hadn't realised was that along with the salt encrusted crackling were  unexpected soft melty nuggets.  Cost? A round fiver with a pint it seems  (that's not that there London or Spoons prices btw). I didn't clock the bag contents by weight. Large pieces and quite noisy but given the reactionary nonsense the racist, misogynist homophobic "good old bors" spout in there the more irritating the better. Haven't seen them on general sale in my limited research to date.

I  don't think scratchings would go with lager, either the necking fizzy stuff or that dreadful grapefruity citra "craft beer" muck. So I won't try. And I think I must limit my product testing to about three times a week. That Barsham in the Lacons glass is a bit golden to be honest.

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