Monday, 20 September 2021

Mellow fruitfulness

Autumn is creeping up and creeping on, a mill pool full of swimmers had me rerouting and heading for the farm pond. Promised rain meant the waggler rod stayed in the charabanc though it turned out that conditions would have been perfect for the float, and the rain was confined to three mizzle showers.

One down the side with a bag

and  a pair of flat bed feeders at the bottom of the ledge, a simple underarm out.

A  very pleasant afternoon with 11 fish landed (all bream) and a couple that shed the barbless QM1's on the feeder rods. Decent takes and rods bent with nodding and plodding about the swim rather than surging runs but that's the trade off with bream. 

Boil in the bag man..

And his wife's name was Phyllis....