Monday, 13 September 2021

Turning the seasons

The poplars in particular are dropping their leaves and fungi are appearing. We would have had harvest moons back in the day, turned orange by the stubble fires. I really must turn my attention to running water  or at least  a couple more cracks at the bass now I am an instant expert..hah. However, I had flat bed feeder business to attend to.  Last bream trip saw just a pair of foul hooked fish as they milled about like dustbin lids round the feed so I was determined to nail a few fair and square on short links. Plus the fallen poplar and sycamore leaves  blowing blown about on the surface and drifting just underneath would make waggler fishing a nightmare. 

In the Royal Box then, and soaking up the late sun presenting yellow peril wafters and nearly end of their shelf life Source minis which mostly were crumbled into the feeder mix. Just nice to see the bobbins dance and hear the bait runners fizz. The first victim of the yellow peril was this feisty in-betweener,  which fooled me as the method feeder was wrapped round the pec but it was hooked fair and square in its gob as were it's later companions.  

Plenty proper bream followed, seven in fact and 3 more in-betweeners, some of the bream even put up some resistance but I think that was more because the pike by my feet was getting very twitchy, and it did take two roach that I put back. I will spare you from a shot of every bream landed but not the arty-farty leaves. The Source minis became bait of choice towards the end of an excellent afternoon.

I only lost one fish and that was a small tench  when the hook link sheared at the spade end (pre-tied on 9lb fluorocarbon). It was up  the surface thrashing as the hook link snapped, and  the tench was engulfed in an even huger splash as a mottled green back turned over in the maelstrom. It wasn't the pike at my feet either as that bolted in the commotion. And we all thought tench were immune to pike predation as they were the doctor fish..



  1. I love catching Bream, think they are my favourite...... or is it Perch? one of the two, or Chub??