Monday, 25 April 2022

Funny how things work out

I gambled on the shorts and in the end it was the goose pimples on my legs and hands that could have done with gloves that had me scurrying home well before wine o'clock. It's this cold wind that is doing it. Blustery and mean.  It was after 3.45 before I'd got the first underarm swings of the flat beds out to the bottom of the slope I'd found by leading about, and as ever yellow pineapple peril on the left, shocking pink tuna in the right. And the tuna wafters were very popular, but a series of strikes with the baitrunner still in free spool, a branch on the hook and once the wafter stuck in the fins of the feeder left me exasperated. All this time barely a twitch in the left hand rod. I was mulling over a twin tuna attack when  a connexion on the strike and a very feisty performance by this crusty old male bream on the left hand rod changed all that  as you can see by the little glimpse of yellow.

Swiftly followed by a smoother but equally slimy female. turbo charged too. Well. in the context of bream anyway

A longer swing cover a showing tench produced one of those right on the money rip the bobbin out of your hand takes and this really was a turbo charged tinca that made for every emerging pad or stand of reeds it could find. About 4 lb, and not an ounce of spawn yet in her. 

A rare and solitary snap off at the spade on the tuna rod to a butt ringer (barbless QM1 so it should be shed quickly) was soon nullified by another take on the pineapple rod and another  bream was on the mat.

The fish were feeding and I had bait but for the first time for a long time I gave in to the cold and was on my way just gone 6, and thanking the quick response of the Charabanc heater to let the heat warm my frozen bones. 



  1. Need a puddle like that near me. The bream are being highly uncooperative and the tench seem to have all but disappeared. As for summer wear in the evenings, even on the nicest days it comes in rather cold come evening up 'ere.

    1. I'm lucky to have a couple plus the new ticket, no record shakers but rod benders and net fillers none the less.. I've even had the heating on for the odd hour. Ouch....