Monday, 3 October 2022


Saturday afternoon saw me puffing along a rosebay willow herb choked riverbank looking for some gaps and clear water for a few short trots. It was hard  work and I soon got  a tangle behind the spool of the pin. I carefully removed the locking nut and put to one side and set about untangling the newly spooled Floatfish. I heard a ping and luckily the ratchet pawl had dropped on to a bare patch of ground. Working out how to put it back in, and where the circlip should go led to much sweating and cursing and in the end I tackled down and put everything safely  away and  managed in the end to figure it out at home. It has happened  before and I'd cannibalised a pawl which must have been a bit smaller so worked free? Anyhoo I have a spare pin so I've swapped the spool on to the factory spec pin for now..

Sunday was a kids day and we found some nice autumn colour. Fill in flash essential given the low autumn sun. I did have  a quick look at a stretch of river further down and access much easier so I'll  give it  a look in the week before the frosts kick in.  


  1. I now carry a "centrepin maintenance kit" after one too many issues in the field, including screwdriver, pliers, an airbrush and some machine oil!

  2. For such a simple device they're a pain in the arse when they do things like that.