Sunday, 25 September 2022

Short (er) session

Still shorts weather  but the heavy hoodie now required. There were only three mallard today but what pains in the ducks arse they were. Didn't start well as I'd left all my float stops at home and had to hunt round for a smaller loading weight for the puddle chucker so I  could lock it with some no. 1 shot. I did get some loose fed in but not as much as I would have liked and the ducks were constantly pecking at the float.

I tried to soak as much of the autumn glow up as possible and one proper bite led to this bream which thought it was a tench for  a while. Then it gave itself up. As they do

I was on the verge of packing up when some prodigious bubbling erupted almost at my feet. Too good an opportunity to miss so I dropped the little boilie in and the float settled then buried. I'd wondered about a mudpig given the furious nature and size of the bubbles, either way a tench had snaffled the  bait and gave me a right old tear up, mostly in the pads but the 6lb Sensor held firm and I got my prize, a spritely male, all fins and swagger.


  1. Shorts?!??! had the long sleeve thermal on this weekend.

    1. They'll be on for as long as I can bear it...