Wednesday 7 December 2022

Hick from the sticks

Hugh Cornwell was back in town (or should I say City, cos it is a fine one) so I jumped on a train and wended my way over the Novi Sad  Friendship Bridge to a seemingly shut up Adrian Flux Waterfront. Loitering in the shadows were a few white haired old uns so I knew I was in the right place and eventually the roller door was rolled and we patiently filed in depositing our zimmers in the zimmer  park and I headed off to get my first Stella, and found a comfy spot leaning on the stage front railings, a handy place to stash my cosy scarf and big coat whilst the place slowly filled. Pre gig music plenty of decent dub.

He's an old bugger, Hugh Cornwell, 73 in fact but then most of us weren't far off. Stuck in Daily Mail Land I liked.  

He came back out for some Stranglers classics like Peaches and Nice and Sleazy and stuff I didn't know but after my 3rd Stella I had to leg it for the last train home at 10.45pm  or face a  16 mile walk or 50 quid for a taxi.  I like a train ride so it worked out well for this hick from the sticks and just 10 mins walk from the station home to boot. That's Norwich Thorpe Station in the pic btw, not Bureboyville station.


  1. Have frequented Norwich station on the long ride from Toon to Lowestoft - such a long journey but doable whilst getting paid!