Saturday, 3 December 2022

Two tides

Dead high water on the River Great Ouse looking over to West Lynn as I took my statutory 30 mins break on Tuesday.

The Customs House reflected in the Purfleet.

Cockles and shrimp are the main catch from the Wash these days.

Palm Paper upstream

An unexpected hour or so on another tidal into dusk  today, though the tidal influence up here on the top of the tidal  River Bure is minimal. I say unexpected, the outside tap got stuck wide open  and was pissing water all down the wall and the dodgy damp course and although I found an isolator this meant most of downstairs had no water so a very expensive fix was booked for before 2pm, then pushed back to Monday morning.  Fortunately brother in law came good with finding  a local mates rates  with a spare tap in the van and £20 quid job done. 10% minimum ex vat  of what I was going to be charged. So river bound it was. 

Double reds on  a #16 and a 5AAA balsa over depth and held back hard in the strong back eddy. Classic off the rod tip pin fishing and it was a joy as the line fed off smoothly with several nice dace, a brace of roach and a chublet, my first tidal chub I believe. I was glad of the neoprene fingerless donned as dusk fell, and it'll be the last tine this winter I go liner-less in the moon boots as I thought frost bite had set in.

Been in the wars

Half a brace

And a friendly visitor.