Saturday, 18 October 2014

For fecks sake

I fled the Wensum on the last day of last season, haunted by the clacking of  red and blue claws to the safety and security of the Bure. No crays on there.

Fast forward to today. Unexpected pass out and with two hours to kill thought I'd see if the recent rain had freshened up the river. The poplars have shed their leaves already

Given the short time available concentrated on the stretch below the Iron bridge. Starting to wear it's autumn clothes.

Couple of sharp pulls on the tip  and when the run failed to develop reeled in to find I had a comedy cartoon sardine on the trace.

And in the grass several otter left-overs.

Oh bother. The otter's larder has increased though and I guess the chub will wax even fatter on this high protein bounty .I recall Essex Scribblers March  14th remedy, pop ups and paternosters. Trouble is in 18-24 inches of water if I can see the bait popped up and no pike in sight confidence will wane. And I do hope the crays don't like cheese ... Looks quite nice just now.

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  1. When we first fished the Kennet, 25 years ago you could lever with anything: meat, cheese, worm, bread it just didn't matter. Now you can catch them trotting, bloody things. There were some massive chub and barbel though.

    When will this mild weather end? The weed is all over the drain again and the wind is blowing rafts of it around.

    Good win for Boro on Saturday!

    All the best,