Thursday, 30 October 2014

History man

Off to Chichester on Sunday/Monday for Penultimate Bureboy's graduation ceremony . Missed the autumn colour on the Sussex Downs on the way down due to clock change but Monday  was a glorious late autumn day.

A moving ceremony finished off in true style with Jerusalem.  Put simply it is England's National Anthem. No debate. Tears and bursting pride obligatory

Stuart Lee always seem to photo bomb these occasions...

Did get a few frames off whilst walking off the Wetherspoon's finest grease feast. I seem to have a
thing for windows and reflections in at present
 It's Chichester, not Chesterfield....

This is a Lowry

Icons I guess.


  1. Great photos again. Absolutely spot on regarding Jerusalem. Unfortunately, we are not deemed worthy of a National Anthem that makes you feel anything other the bored witless listening to the dirge that is God Save The Queen.

  2. Bureboy in the photo looks just like Emma. Stewart Lee won't be happy being compared to to your fat heeeeed.

  3. What's with the new masthead picture BB? Are you becoming a God of the domestic interior.

    I'm visiting that new stretch of drain this week so standby for a report. Then we sort out the fishing.

    All the best,


    1. John
      Now thrashing out leave with the new regieme. And crocked back is starting to allow me to stand at more than a 90 degree angle

      If I could design or acumulate such a glorious front room I would be a happy man. Jusr window snooping, owner seemed happy for me to continue briefly. Probably the best image I have ever captured.

  4. Good luck on the new stretch. We've got to give the big Suffolk stillwater a bash before it gets too cold, if Wak Baines ever gets his finger out. Boro and The Mighty Town going well at the mo.

  5. ES, Boro v Norwich tonight, my life could be a misery tomorrow…

    All the best, John

  6. Boro are now officially my favourite "second team" ! Great result.

    1. Always shite on the old green and yeller. I saw Col U dish up a shower of shite vs Port Vale, so quiet at one point it was plain to hear a player on the halfway line tell the ref to fuck off. He was too embarassed to book him I think.