Monday, 6 October 2014

Pea green soup

The weather portends were dire for today's planned foray along the A14 today to an undisclosed East Midlands stillwater so Plan B was  hatched. A National Trust Estate not to far from Bureboy Villas .

Perhaps they looked at Wikepedia for their reasoning behind the hoary old 1st October chestnut?

Arriving on the dam wall  under a rheumy sun and the calm before the eastward bound wet, kicking off already in Devil Dog  Land according to The Essex Scribbler. Srtriking green algae bloom.

Several sharp knocks on the long rage joey before a flat spot in the waves  as the bait was picked up properly by a crocodillian fish of about 5lbs length but not weight, a fish that previously been treated to a good scuffing on the bank.

Speaking of chestnuts...

Bivvy boy into a very nice common

And the view from my brolly
Took advantage from a break in the rain for a move to the long bank, and then back under the brolly again., disturbed by this little fella on an oily sardine....
now that is a flat spot

Ended up loaning my net to the bivvy boy's mucker as he already had a big fish in the net.

The fish rolling over the net went 28+

And the "smaller" one looked like this.

They has 6 between them on a water that is maybe a fish a year they said, at least 3 gorgeously coloured commons over 20

And home in time for tea. And wet smelly stuff all over the "study" (would have been wetter without a brolly, don't usually take it if I am on the river and moving about).


  1. You made a damn fine job of the Mud Pig photos, well done.

    1. Don't know why they have to look at the tail...and imagine Betjeman sitting down for a plate of turkey twizzlers.WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK

  2. Stands the church clock at ten to three / And are there turkey twizzlers, still for tea ?

  3. What about piking next week. Monday or Tuesday ?

  4. Can't do next week, visitors from Glasgow… However I'm visiting a drain that hasn't been fished for twenty years the week after, the farmer doesn't let anyone fish it but I know his wife. Don't ask. I've said could I possibly, maybe bring some friends - two really nice blokes I've never met - and he said if they're friends you've never met that's alright with me John. I shall report back.

    The drains, as you can see from the blog, are still full of shit but fish are beginning to show. Things look promising.

    The jack was like a barracuda, as slim as you like. By December he'd easily make seven pounds with the length of him.

    Tomorrow a Boro centre forward on the blog.

    All the best, John

    1. John, that sounds great just need to see what day is best for taking off work

  5. That sounds interesting, definitely be up for that. We can do our "Suffolk stillwater" the week after if you like. What about you Wak ?

  6. Forgot to say, Boro and Ipswich neck and neck. If this continues i might even see who plays for the mighty town these days. Armchair fan who attends games when they've got a decent team, that's me.

  7. Going to see The Wave Pictures with the boy this Friday at good ol Essex Uni ! Late addition to the tour. Piking at Suffolk stillwater this Friday....stand by for news.