Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Into the light

Saturday and instead of Cuckoo Farm the venue was Essex Uni for a first stop on the Uni taster day circuit for middle Bureboy, Geo Man. The brutalist concrete late sixties feel has been built on a  bit now but the iconic towers still stand, and still sway just a little in a big wind. Rayleigh, Tawney, William Morris et al. The SU bar has changed a bit, and Abbot is no longer 33p a pint. Just had to relive all misty eyed the Iggy Pop gig, and me and Dave Nurse having a pint with John Peel when Misty in Roots blew us out. The stage was not pitted off, and we would cram to the front of the stage, which was at about waist height and jump on the stage at the end to nick the set lists. or stand almost in the huge bass bins. Whistling ears for days.

Tour done and after a busted handbrake cable took Geo Man for further nostalgic wallow on the front  at Wivenhoe, in the glorious low, pre-clock change afternoon light.

Cook's Jetty and yuppy flats. Rowhedge  in the distance

Navigation marker, tidal barrier

Looking down the Colne
 Ballast Quay

Still a working port despite the boho invasion

Up into West and Alma Streets and poking my nose into some windows. Treasure within.

  This is the money shot......
 Bookish and proud.

Slightly less revealed here.

Down the hill and on to the front again. Hauled out for the winter
Rose and Crown to the right. Awful Southwold, weak post mix coke. As the Essex Scribbler later said: It's a dreadful pub in a great position. Go to the Black Buoy, miles better. Greyhound is alright too. 

Back to check the Bureboy waggon hadn't rolled handbrake-less into the Colne. More widow snooping.

And a very pumpkin like buoy, complete with artisinal barnacles..

Chichester tomorrow for History Man Hen's Graduation pre-loading


  1. Great post. Some cracking photos. I love Wivenhoe, it's even better than it used to be. Most days I have a run or walk along the marsh and along the front. The very antithesis of "Devil Dog Land".

  2. When we fishing with John TT at Alton or Fens ? Get yer finger out Wak.

  3. Loved the non-angling posts!

    If Geo Man is considering Exeter The Dog is there (geography at Falmouth Campus)...assuming the Geo is geog and not geol, or even if it is geol I guess...and will, when he gets out of hospital (yes really), be happy to talk to him about it I'm sure. In fact he just got himself a job (while sat in the hospital waiting room) talking A-level students into going there on the blower, starts in 2 weeks.

    I don't think he'll ever come back up here tbh.

    Do let me know