Friday, 25 March 2016

Blue Friday

Thought I'd start to put some bait in the ressie to get the bream used to having  a little spread laid out for them and as I was there it wouldn't hurt to have a dabble.

Hemmed in by lines  across to the far bank and scowls preventing me loading up the swim and taken back a little by the colour of the water. Aqua marine? A mixture of lime and dye as ordered by the committee.

Solitary buzzard and a multitude of frogs and toads making metaphorical hay and of course the noddie narrow gauge hobby trains.

Not sure if these are avian or mammalian. .

The fishing? One brief lift, bait gone and a proper steady slow butt ringer, missed both on prawn. One fish lost to my carping companions. Will be dark an hour later from Sunday. Not long till ramsons and cuckoos.


  1. Don't like the sound of 'butt ringer' after that which you found in the rhododendrons. John

  2. Had'nt thought of that John.. To cold yesterday for that sort of caper anyway.