Sunday, 20 March 2016

Coffee, buzzards and bream.

Weekend's often include  trips for carrot cake. Solo on Saturday so coffee  only. With, as I un charitably annonuced the posh knobs. Islington weekenders probably. Good coffee, it should be at £7 a small bag.  Today I'm a  on a carrot cake hunt and along with the surprisingly good rhubarb  and custard cake it 's a functional National Trust cofffe, not nearly so good but the same generic £2 as yesterday's  top brew.

As well as coffee yesterday it was  a trip up to collect Science Boy from his lab in Loughborough and a good opportunity for a raptor spot.  Singly or in usually groups of three buzzards were by far the commonest birds of prey seen, with kestrel a very poor  second. And yes, as the A47 up climbs up over the ridge and furrow remnants past Peterborough the reliable red kite spot around Wittering.

Imagine the labour taken to keep the fires burning in these stacks, in just one part of this wing.

Buds breaking against the heat sink wall.

Unexpected pass  out and given the time allowed it was the short hop to  Captain's and a trio of bream and a skimmer..Corn preferred to prawn  today but couldn't get any feed in due to the ever present swans.

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