Monday, 7 March 2016

North by North West

Bure, Wensum and Yare all up and dirty. Woke up to a very cold, windy white world.  Slip , slip sliding till well past Norwich.  Low morning sun, salt spray windscreen  slow moving tractor. First to snowdrop bay.  Water up , little room. More bays.  Too shallow?

Do a circuit and pay the toll. Over the wall,  and into that wind A different world this side. North wind doth blow. Brolly up,   storm rods. Kettle on. Wak's stove, no pressure,  no brew.  Trudge to car and back for standby burner. Tea. Hot.

Kingfisher then a pair of hawks. Not kestrels so what were they?

Right hand rod bends and out of clip, long range but kick and pulls back hard. On the top, Wak wields the net.

We guess 16 and that's what it goes. It's a proper camera Wak, use the viewfinder.

Secret squirrel for this one.

Get stiffed for a ticket then time for home.  Too late to leer at the yummie mummies in the new model farm cafe. Next time perhaps