Thursday, 8 June 2017

Rain, rain..

Planned a coast hopping wend along the A149 but rained on from Morston. Did however get a few minutes of dry in Blakeney before that front swept in.

 Needed a slight lift from Snapseed to bring up the colours.

Not much chance of dragging out much colour once the rain and wind set in. Brancaster Staithe.

Did pull in to the Thornham Deli. Bray ville as you might imagine.  I asked for an Americano. "Just an Americano?" The disapproval  burnt. Nice coffee though.


  1. Brayville indeed, you know how I love them, Bodenites. John

  2. Hope they served cream, not milk with your coffee.

    1. Was just thankful she didn'the throw it at me to be honest. I reserve cream for a liqueur coffee. Cane the brown sugar cubes though.

  3. Absolutely marvellous, missing the NN Coast big time. Did you get much change out of a tenner BB? Ttfn Dickie