Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Through a glass

More wandering about with my camera before the weather broke.  And not quite so far this time.

Not very far at all for these from the extensive frontage of Bureboy Villas. Can't beat a bit of Valerian. All self seeded. Will have to start off some Ox-eyes and Californian poppies elsewhere and let them run riot.

I have taken a while to appreciate French lavender but it is a handy filler and liked by the busy bees.

Off a little further afield and  not quite as much light as I would l have liked to put the CPL through its 90o to the sun paces. Shame no noticeable smoke and steam from the noddy train. River is mostly packed with  this long streamer weed through to the first proper floods except under denser cover.Someone has begun to make some sneaky prep in likely spots and waiting till just before the 16th  to clear some spots in the bank side vegetation.

Crabtree would be creaming his corduroys over this spot. I say Peter, time to rub in some liniment on that troublesome ache. Watch the pipe would you?

Cyanide straight. Should have been a cuckoo slap bang in the middle of the frame but seems to have flown through.

The 18-55mm lens is not really up to this sort of thing, cropped to hell. Looking at a 16-200mm for some versatility.

The CPL and some heavy desaturated b&w came up trumps here though. A lot of poPlar and willow fluff coming down

Less fish on the point this year but still enough to make people stop and stare. Give them the Polaroids and they nearly fall in.

And one from the Pond.

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