Monday, 5 June 2017

Worth a wander.

Grabbing a few minutes here and there with the Nikon is not quite as good as with a rod but needs must.

Bintree Mill on the Wensum must be a picture on a crisp winter morning. Not too bad on an early June morning either. Cabbages and splashes of lilly yellow. Blue sky criss crossed with cirrus and con trails. Poplars as ever. Verges full and spilling over.

Tumbling through the sluice and spreading over the gravels. Kind offer of a walk around the wildflower meadow stored away.

They say smell the roses along the way. These drag you by the scuff of the neck and demand a great big lung full.

A few miles and a few hours later and another two rivers crossed and bridges leant on. What you might have to pay for this River Stiffkey crib..

And a few twists of the A149 and another valley,  this time the Glaven spilling over the sluice at Cley.

Happy days.


  1. It looks magical - get a bait out asap! Tight lines - Dyl

    1. Evenue with all year round fishing the 16th on the rivers is magical Dyl

  2. North Norfolk, Old Blighty at it's best.

  3. The magic of North Norfolk. Win the lottery and you can buy that house, I'd buy the neighbours out too.