Monday, 12 June 2017

Wild and wandering

Bright all right but fierce and gusting wind hacking into the Island frontage. Being stubborn I chose to fish into it's  teeth. Steady stream of skimmers,  hybrids, roach and rudd. Nothing to get het  up about but most just over swinging in size. Did snare a much bigger and determined bream amidships which was very long but destined not to squeeze into the pan net.  Not a tinca bubble to be seen. Nice view though.

Chill to the wind on Sunday evening and a faintly sozzled  Bureboy decided to walk it off through the beet, barley and potatoes, Westwick, Skeyton and Walsham in a 90 minute stumbling circuit. Bloody big dog or an even bloody  bigger  escaped big cat prints down a line of beet.

Oak predominates in the hedge and track boundaries on this wind baked plain.

Barley blowing in that chill wind,  probably glad it wasn't the Kentish wheat that the dreadful Hooded Crow ran through.

My favourite  tree marking the half way point.

Shunning the Weavers Way back along Skeyton Road and  back lit  and fill in flash verge lining oak.


  1. Very pleasant BB - looking forward to the glorious 16th on Friday, like xmas day! TTFN Dickie

    1. Yes Dickie. I will be on the river on Friday. General stick float stuff I think and maybe a few runs through with a big old wurrm. What are your plans?

      Less than 2 weeks till the nights start pulling in though. Don't tell the Essex Scribbler though. He hates the thought of winter.

  2. The Hooded Crow's worst-thing-I-ever-did comment was one of the most nauseating and ridiculous things I've ever heard in my life.

  3. The world is lurching to a dystopian right that frightens me a little. So I will drink more wine, eat more cheese, treasure my family and enjoy it immensely when the Hooded Crow gives the country to the Islington allotment holder, even if his tub thumping lefty stuff is bound to falter eventually. Now, where's that cheese? And some of that good port I've been keeping back for myself.