Saturday, 30 May 2020

Phase 2 beckons

Time marches on but even with Phase 2 hastened on to draw our attention away from Cummingsgate and Bozza's rank incompetence things seem to be on repeat, groundhoggy with our reluctance to spread out too far, too quick. That coupled with dogging related venue embargoes means I'm probably going to be dishing some similar fare for a little while longer.

Another day, another pre Phase 2  dollar but this time double bubble on the method feeder. Had a bit of bother with the pineapple baits, they'd dried out from last year so much drilling and cursing, and splitting of bayonet stops. I soaked in some spicy sausage run off to see if they'd soften up for next time. 

Several dog roach, decent skimmers and hybrids had the bobbins and buzzers jangling, mostly on the pineapple flavour. Twice the cradle and self take routine was required. This lovely she slab with a tell tale black spot went 7.03.

I've forgotten how much this other female went but 6 something.

And all washed down with  a nice cold ginger beer.

The following day was barbie day to celebrate a Phase 2 premonition opening of a local national treasure, Roys (not in Wroxham) which was plundered for compost, planters and seeds. Deep joy indeed.

Groundhog burger stack with added shroom.

And as breamorama beckoned just the one libation, as it said on the label toned down on the grapefruity Citra.

Waggler and corn and softened pineapple wafter on the method feeder produced a groundhog brace, one on each. The bigger she slab at 5.13 and the spawny old get unweighed. Oh me? Too much for the Korums that's for sure


  1. Lovely Bream, and the burgers looked cracking too!!

  2. I know bream are snotty things but they do fill a landing net nicely.