Sunday 21 June 2020

Just in cases....

No eel gear loaded into the charabanc but plenty of just in cases. The Royal Box it was as my chosen spot was taken. No instant bubbles over the Spicy Sausage 6mm, hemp and corn carpet but an instant bite on the source and I did think it was a snig the way it kept down deep. It wasn't, it was  a spotty little female tench I'll have to look back to see if it is one I've caught a couple of times before but I think that was more spotty. Stress and viral bacterial I think, often post spawning. Red pest the consensus seems to be on the interweb.

I did have a bag down the edge over more feed than on Thursday but it was fairly quiet. Indeed the whole lake seemed quiet. Alongside the puddle chucker Source I'd gone double corn and waggler. 

It was the corn rod that produced a few bites and one very spirited male that really put its spoon shaped ventrals to good effect on the lighter 3lb main line and waggler rod. I weighed it out of interest and it didn't quite make three and three quarters despite it's lovely big shoulders. Grumpy bugger.

It wasn't till I changed ti lead to a lighter 2oz lead and swapped the cork ball Source wafter for a Spicy Sausage oozy dumbbell that the bag rod got some interest, and after as couple of hesitant knocks a proper baitrunner churner signalled  a hooked tench which was pugnacious rather than dominant on the much beefier mudpig rod. Another male and a natural end to the session. Lips more wrasse like than grumpy I'd say.


  1. A wrasse tench hybrid, what ever next:)
    A nice haul of tench, and no bream.

    1. Next bloke in the Royal Box had 22 bream, most decent. No wrasse though.....