Monday, 21 June 2021

Merchant of Spice

Turns out there wasn't even a half pint of revivalist maggots left, and they needed some oomphing up so I sprinkled in some turmeric and headed off with somewhat limited expectations given the meagre freebies I had. Still, in for a penny and all that and I found a couple of pockets of fish in my hour and a bit before dusk. The penultimate long dusk before the slow descent back into winter. Mostly dace but a gudgeon and its likely predator added a touch of variety, all to the chorus of barking deer and chinking blackbirds. I'm sure the otters were lurking nearby too. Caught orange handed, like a 40 a day man.. 

A little gonk.

It's nemesis. Deffo get that gonk in its gob.