Thursday, 17 June 2021

Rivers are on.

I'm afraid dawn starts are behind me for a while yet at least and work needed finishing so I was glad of some dappled shade once Id' reached the river and readied the simple loafer rig, in front of me was a shallow pool and crystal clear waters, urban but lovely.  I had some turning maggots to use up so a fair few casters were floaters which gave a good indication of the amount of fish in front of me as they were picked off some quite a way down the pool as well as in front of me. 

A tight fishing station tucked by a bridge, but enough clearance to wield the 15 footer and enough flow, when it got a bite less chance to take line of the pin. Most fish came from close though and if it wasn't for the pesky radar eyed ducks I could have picked out individual fish. Here are the first couple of fish of the 2021/22 river season and most were at least of this stamp.

Not all the roach were  classic silver, I  had several with a much darker body colouration, quite carp like in colour with dark red fins, but bright red eyes and a longer shape. There are rudd here but not sure really about hybridisation  

Dace too, but today not as plentiful as the roach.

What I'd hoped for though (secretly) were a few brownies and I wasn't disappointed. I really did lose count. Fabulous colours and markings. A joy to behold.

The ducks finally drove me crazy and I sought a brief respite with a corking pint of Abbot at the Hempton Bell. It barley touched the sides, and not a pub to serve food so it was my only one. Shame as it was spot on.

I'd had enough of the blistering heat so just poked about for the rest of the afternoon town to country down the valley.