Monday, 28 June 2021

Saturday continued.

I had  a short pass out after my Cromer wander so headed off to the Next Nearest to use up some odds and sods of bait. As I  passed a surprisingly empty meadow  I realise I could have had a few hours on the pin  as the usual pool diving yoots were absent.  Anyway, the Royal Box was out so settled  into a gap in the purple loosestrife, and almost instantly regretting my decision to leave the waggler rod in the pantenchnicon as the rain stopped, the wind died away and the sun broke out.

Method feeders deployed an under arm swing out with  a tempting flouro thingy pressed into 3mm pellets, which I've just about got the hang of dampening then dusting with groundbait for a perfect consistency. The Devils Work.

I guess the fish were wearing their Devil deflecting amulets  because  I mostly looked at these,

whilst waiting for these to dance. Which they did fitfully in the end.

A couple of young guns graced the stinknet, all bright and freshly scrubbed. I also had a mass of silvery fry along the lines as they stretched out  to the feeders.

And just one pondering, slob like elder (and  a bream.....) that got the grin to camera routine as I had a nearby lens man.

Actually a still fresh looking male with spawning tubercles and a lovely buttery glow. Pushing 6 we thought but not really one to get the Korum digitals out for. 

These pads and rushes were alive with damsels, darters and dragonflies but all too fleety to capture.

Home in time for  tea from a much vaunted Sri Lankan eat away outfit. Sadly the only flavour detectable in my chicken rice and potato curry was a hidden cardamom pod  in the last forkful of ok rice .


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