Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Continuing a theme

I haven't summoned up the arse to do any self takes lately so no time to brush up on the tail gazer frown but I did decide to break my last session "down" to get with the parlance.

19.41: leave drive.

19.46: park.

Twat about

20.03 cast out Source mini under a 4gm Puddle Chucker, spray krill 6mm pellets and two handfuls of Source minis around said Puddle Chucker, sit down and breathe.

20.13: first bubbles appear

20.18: Puddle Chucker lifts and disappears. 

20.19  small but perfectly formed bream on wetted mat.

Twat about a bit more

20.47: Every thing packed away bar rod, stink net and mat.

20.48: Puddle Chucker lifts, glide to pads on left. Missed.

21.11: Wine poured, Commander in Chief's glass as ever slightly fuller.  


  1. Why do all the fish up your way look like they are models! Everyone is in great nick and beautiful colours.