Sunday, 4 July 2021

Englands Dreaming....

Hit the car park just as a few spots of rain on the wind screen became a biblical deluge. Sod that for a game of soldiers... if  I'd got there 20 minutes earlier I'd have been stuck out in it. Lasted an hour and  a half so phew.  Back down again about 7pm and unsurprisingly not  a soul to be seen given the forthcoming game at 8.  

Though the skies looked fairer I went with minimal bits just in case and just fed hemp, corn and pellet 3 rods out from the Royal Box, 5AAA waggler and B560 #14.  On my trusty waggler rod which is a joy to use. It has as it declares a progressive action and though it's clearly not a grunt rod it copes with some poundage if you take things easy but steadily.

Standard fare at present, and I split the shots a bit to get some on the drop if they were having it. And indeed they were. 

Touch of blue about this one and it had some extra power from it's mixed up genes.

Everyone loves a few pads dotted round a fishery and these are well established now. 

Trouble is, the fish love them too when they feel that steel bite home, as above the Drennan is not a hauling tool but the extra foot makes a difference steering round obstacles, and though this lovely female tench did get in amongst them all was well once I got it's head up.

 No bastardy evident with these two

But definitely with this wrong'un

Time was marching on and this fell as the church click chimed 9 and as I opened the gate to load the pantenchnicon  cries of COOOOOOOOOOOOOMOOOOOOOON echoed round the village and it seemed that England could start dreaming..


  1. Nice session and thanks for expanding my vocabulary once again - pantenchnicon!

  2. There's some interesting fish in that puddle.

  3. Nice bit of fishing again Waaaaaak.