Monday, 26 July 2021

In the Doldrums. Well a little bit anyway.

Saturday saw me on the Next Nearest slightly worried about the hemp that had been in the fridge for  a week, the corn though can be as fermented as you can bear to be near, the fish love it almost liquid.

This tench at least couldn't get enough of the hemp with white kernels down it's throat even after it took me round the pond a few times. Males really do pull the string.

In truth I was struggling again finding true fishing depth with the weed and only got the tench by using 2 no 1 droppers which showed I'd been fishing a foot above in the weed before. Plus the locking shot kept sliding. I pulled out of two decent unseen fish (hook opening up  and springing back?) before landing these two bream  and a sort of hybridy thing.

 Bit frustrating but thinking cap time. And not a drop from the promised monsoon.

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