Thursday, 30 June 2022

Pressing the pause button

Sometimes you just need to stop, get that car outta that gear...and what better way to press the pause button than by a quintessential English village pond catching little scamps. The cormorants have gone and left a new breeding ground and revitalised stocks. Lighter tactics next time for a bumper haul and  a picnic from a wicker basket under the shade of the chestnut tree. And the roach are still there TT......


  1. Why does everywhere have to be polluted with carp?

    1. These have been here for many many years as far as I know, of course far too many which is why they're small but at least no 3 rod long stay nods looking to catch a forty

    2. I suppose that's one thing. Despite the carp it does look a nice place to unwind. Just the place for cane and quill, and a ginger ale.

    3. That's how Two Terriers approaches it there