Sunday, 3 July 2022

Just because

Seems as if I get an odd hour here and there at the behest of other peoples plans so an easier option is sometimes the answer so not a huge change of scenery in this post. A scant hour on the pond, and though the bream were starting to have as I was leaving one missed bite was my lot.

My view from the other end yesterday was equally as pleasant and this time I was on the link ledger approach and just one hit pull in my hour. More would have come I'm sure.

A bream in it's normal surrender pose. Spawning bumps still.

Did have a drive out with a Little'Un in the morning, we did see the very distant bee eaters at Trimingham, being watched by a phalanx of scopes and Billy Big Balls lenses. And speaking of Billy Big Balls, these were a bit difficult to explain.....we bought  a Slushy instead. 

We did have a drive out after out turkey twizzlers for tea whilst the Commander in Chief  was in the  Regal watching the Elvis movie. She's hinting about a trip to Graceland next year. I'm not invited. That purports to being a mammoth.

I have however been thinking about some mackies as they are back off the shingle, typically I've missed the convenient high tides after work for this "season" so I expect they will have been slaughtered by the
undersized bucket load or moved on before I tie some feathers on in place of a mudpig rig. I sound like I know what I will be doing. I don't as my only experience of mackerel was with a hand line  being towed at high speed round Lyme Regis bay. I ought to get out more.


  1. Will be in Lyme Regis in August, will look out for that!

  2. High tide and flinging feathers is about all you need to know when it come to mackerel fishing.