Thursday, 14 July 2022

Quick sticks

I had an hour or  so to kill between scout drop off and pickup. Sneak on to a village pond with dubious no fishing signs and wait for the beady eyed Alsatians to be released or head to the canal with ear defenders on. The canal won and instead of wild yoots I had to contend only with wild swimmers, gentle but nearly blind I think, hugging the reeds and swimming between the rod tip and float. 

I had a paltry amount of past their best maggots (new team in Dangling Indirect who seem to be relying on holiday boat trade to shift their below par grubs.) but had plenty of bites whilst my supply lasted. Mostly tiny dace with a few small rudd and roach, a hybrid and a couple of perch. All on freelined (no shot down) maggot. 

Back for pick up and what  a lovely soft pastel sundown.