Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Short(s) session

Was thinking about how soon we'd be in thermals and moon boots when winter arrived on Friday in North Norfolkcestershire but Saturday dawned fairer and the shorts were donned for a very quick bash on Golden Pond. Couple of rods out, left and right and a few 8mm pellet and 12mm Source boilies to get 'em on the prod. A pretty place is Golden Pond.

A bit like last trip out elsewhere three chances but only one ended up in the onion bag this time. First take the bream I'd hooked rolled over on the strike and was off, the second and another bream managed to retain the barbless QM1 all the way into that onion bag. 

I'd dipped the left hand rod whilst "playing" the inert snotter and once I'd recast the right hand rod I picked the leftie up to find that something had taken the boilie for a long excursion down the pond but has decided to save me the bother of winding it back attached to their gob.

Given the change in conditions again since I don't suppose this grass snake will be sunning itself again that often this year. Right by my clumsy feet too.

Sunday back in coats and jumpers as this hoolie hit town but it it didn't dampen too much the 40's weekend with thronging clouds and costume makers and hirers counting their hard won corn after a couple of lean years.

Monday and the same streets were empty and throngless just like in early lockdown times which displeased the Littlish 'Uns who had fancied a go on the (two) penny slots.

Pubs were open though.


  1. You're a winter doom monger. Im not looking forward to it.