Monday, 19 October 2020

Dr, Dr, I have a terrible affliction...

Dr, Dr, I have a terrible affliction. I can't pass water.... Well sir, you are of a certain age, I'll just snap  on these examination gloves.. No Dr, you don't understand  oh lummee  wasn't expecting that, really Dr, I can't pass water without stopping to have a look or get the rods out..

You know how it is, half an hour to kill, the leaves turning brown, the smell of maggots in the air. I ran the 5AAA avon through a new glide, just pleased to take a break and it not to be raining. First trot and the float stutters and vanishes, a decent fish that I will swear wasn't a pike, just didn't feel like it, despite the hooklink parting just above the #16 spade end.

A swagger of small, vividly coloured perch and  a couple of dace.

And obligingly on the last trot of my allotted half an hour gamer resistance and this better perch graced the net briefly. Do daddy perch have prostrates? I very much doubt it.


  1. Great blog, fish and a chuckle! Perfect.

  2. Don't know how you mange to catch in half an hour. It takes me that long to find a swim and et sorted out.

    1. Helps if there are fish in most areas, and one trotting rod made up and broken down with rod bands. And a handy car park. The joys of mobile working as long as there's a 4g signal. And this means location and activity is trackable by work so better to keep on the straight and narrow!