Saturday, 17 October 2020


I had a plan and it worked this time. Driving the Little Uns  round the coast in the murk and rain I thought I might not get out later, but like the sun I did. In fact the bub and braces and hoodie were a tad warm as I set about catching some bait. I was intending to set about perching you see, and these were just about small enough (though perch do have big gobs).

Standard perch set up, 11 foot Avon, 6lb line  a 2 swan chubber /loafer and a light trace to a 1/0 Aberdeen. Worked the near margin, no joy so  over to the far cover and half way down the float stopped,  bobbed once then sped up before disappearing. Sadly so did the bait as I wound down . I sent out a fresh bait and the float disappeared as it hit the sweet spot. Fish on then off but I did get  the the bait back, scuffed and  dazed. I moved down so I could the bait back in the bite zone and this time the fish, a small pike did stay on.

Near margin and blow me the float bobbed and shot away. A more jagged fight  and stripes in the water and a lovely perch was in the net. A Linda Lovelace deep throating  perch , all 1lb 2oz of it. Spit or swallow? Looks like one of those Billy Big Mouth Bass wall mounted toys.

I'd done what I set out to, and went out with the lighter trotting rod and double red maggot and what a good choice that was in the increasing gloaming. The perch were hungry and put up a lovely fight on the 15 footer  and pin, using the flow to their advantage until I wore them down. Here are the better ones .

And the biggest of the afternoon at a porky 1lb 15oz 

Back with chopped worm and caster I think.

Just one roach (such a different fight to perch), well over the pound but the 3 metre net handle got stuck as I shipped it back to get a better angle on the mat for a photo before weighing and it flipped out and away into the river. I said fuck quite a lot, to no one on particular except the attendant cows coughing behind me.


  1. A lovely catch of perch. The gloamy does wonders for their colours.

  2. Great stuff -beautiful autumn perch.

  3. Need to fish for Perch myself soon, cracking pics those

    1. Give it a go. Clear river perch are gorgeous.