Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Out and about

Little piscine activity to report but just to keep things ticking over....

Autumn walk at Blickling Hall. Used the fishing car park, can't be doing with this pre-booking nonsense the National Trust has got itself into. No spontaneity left. Seriously asking myself if it's worth 150 quid a year anymore. Fishing looked  dull and wet (after I'd taken this). 

No fly agaric or conker pics this year so far but this is a start anyway

    Man's great folly

Soon be going to work and back home again in the dark. 100 miles a day. Before work business driving. These little stops help. 

Prodigal Son is training in to work every day at the moment. No conductors or ticket barriers. Free travel and almost empty trains the one and only benefit of (not) lockdown Britain.


  1. I love the black and white...

    1. Used to shoot monochrome on Ilford FP4 back in the day, brother had a darkroom.