Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Sting in the tale

Those avid readers of my blog out there (ahem) might recall I completely wiped out my old faithful Drennan Tench and Specimen 13 foot Float rod trying to remove a tench from a bed of lily pads on the farm pond.

Sage and friendly advice told me I could probably source a replacement tip from Drennan but in my haste to keep on the tench I ignored this  and bought a zoo creature float rod which does the job but it's not the same.
Just so happened Monday that I was passing Dangling Indirect and asked if they could contact Drennan on the off chance that they still had spare tips despite the rod being discontinued and lo and behold yes they did. Deposit down and waiting on that I thought, especially as the queue for the MECCA next door was rammo with mint suckers, marker pens strapped together to do 6 cards at a time.

Got home and guess what happened to come  up in my Insta feed? Yup, brand new replacement version Drennan X-Tension 13 foot compact float rod. Butt section sides into the handle rather than unscrewing. Oh my days...

And to make it worse I was in Harris Sportsmail after work today and what was first out of the Drennan delivery? Yes, the very same tempting rod. I had a wiggle and everything. Just to satisfy my curiosity of course....

But I'd already put down my deposit on the original tip section  replacement so lots of dosh saved. But, right there in the display rack were the Vertex 13 and 14 foot waggler rods. .Just what I also (don't) need. And the 12 foot Twin Tip Duo 1lb tc. Again which I also (don't ) need. Badly. Probably a pair.

What is the meme? Please God don't let her sell my rods when I die for what I told her I paid for them?


  1. It has to be said Drennan are quite good with the spares. Quite a list you'll be sending to Santa this year:)

    1. A cynic would say they know they will break,,,however all power to them. I think Santa has got too lockdown lardy to fit down the chimney....