Monday, 22 February 2021

Back in the game.

First full weekend on the water and no big coat required either...No landing net either first attempt. I fancied an afternoon on the waggler on a local farm pond but all shut up when I got there so back home to get the river gear having found a sheltered reach out of the strong wind.  River still pulling and though I searched the pool and a run below with trotted maggot and worm on a straight lead no joy. Pleasant though to be out.


Second shorter session on the next mill pool down, shorter because the slightly more locals than me fancied a paddle where I was trotting. Broke the 2021 duck though with these small but perfectly formed residents.  Both put up a show for the wading gallery. Chub and brownie ticked off the species year list.

No big coat though rain stopped play a couple of hours in, this time where the main river, a feeder to my left  and side leat join leaving a reasonable quiet  portion and two faster runs. And a noddy
train bridge to shelter under as I broke the tackle down before making a break for the charabanc.

Double red maggot doing the business, and a cracking haul of dace and roach to add to the species list.
This was only visibly hen dace getting all pigeon chesty with it (as well as gorging  on reds chub stylee).

A couple of sandpapery males gave away their CIS identity amongst the indeterminates.

I'd planned an array of snow drops and celandines in my shots today but my perch was precarious on the narrow path. Only a picnicker (hear the curtain twitches of the Stasi snitches) and I know how big we thought the roach was that I lost at the net but here's a couple of the nowhere near next bests. Scale perfect even with a leech in attendance.

Think more than double this one, and maybe some more. Grrrrrrrrr.

Roll on the 27th. Off for two whole river filled weeks (no local enough open still waters), weather permitting. Some say bluebells pushing through all ready Crazy times.