Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Chelsea Tractors needing aqua lungs

God only knows how much snow and rain was dumped on North Norfolk by Dora and the Eastern Beast but a lot of  it still sits on the land (well, no snow now). I have never seen so much standing water on fields and verges and that's not from flooded rivers. This was the scene in Chelsea near the Sea (Burnham Market)last Thursday, and the local news says it still pretty much the same still. Nearly a km of large bore pipes and 3 full time pumps on duty when I went through.  

Did source a lovely pork pie though, you know, the ones with that fab jelly in. 

Must take a book or two to exchange when I 'm passing on Friday. I'll pack wellies. 

In King's Lynn meanwhile even the CTV  needs a protective grille.  Smart name though.


  1. Lovely pictures...pork pie sounds delicious.

  2. I would love to use a couple of these photos on my blog.
    Would that be OK?

  3. No such thing as nice jelly in a pork pie. Ughhhh.

    1. How much jelly did you flick off in disgust sitting in the Reeds Swim on the Pump Pit.(the day your rods matched or were at least level cos you said you were going to spend all day looking at them whilst blanking).

    2. I don't remember thst one
      Think I only fished PP a couple of times.