Tuesday, 8 June 2021

All change

Both my go to's remain firmly closed so at a loss I headed off to one of my commute waters but as I wasn't at work it took a while to get too. Surrounded by ox eye daisies it's a picture and very very weedy.

I was hoping for  a bit of a mini species haul as it has some unusual residents but the tiny rudd beat everything to the hook bait until I found some dendros in my bait bucket and bunched the shot well down. I did manage to find  a few bigger samples, not netters but beautifully coloured as you would expect in the crystal clear water. I did have  a tiny but perfect roach too. No chub or any of the highly visible goldfish and orfe.

Had a few perch as well and I wouldn't be surprised if they went bigger given the fodder fish. Saw some carp too but strong arm tactics the order of the day I'd say.

Rain threatened so I headed next door to the busier pool, because it had some cover. Some restrictive rules in place so I had to ditch the Source for wafters but didn't feel too bothered about the one rod rule. I should have made that one rod a method set up rather than the Puddle Chucker as over hanging alders meant it was difficult to cast far enough to sink the line without brining the bait back too far away from the cover. A very different feel to its smaller, open neighbour  and heavily coloured, but not coloured enough to hide from view the great clouds of drifting tadpoles and the carp mooching about.

I did hook two carp, both mirrors but they both shed the barbless QM1, but not before giving me a nice bend in the 13 footer so I wasn't too disappointed. You can tuck yourself away here but you can't block out the sounds of your neighbours and when two chaps turned up the volume dial to 11 as they mardled on about crap  gave it best and headed home. I'll fish the far swim next time so I can cast along the cover.

Rivers are looking nice for next week..


  1. Do ever ever wish you had a cricket bat with so you can deal with the noisy gob-shites that don't seem to realise other people are there.