Sunday, 1 August 2021

Hidden in plain sight.

Thank goodness that we can now just turn up at a National Trust location again, card in phone case for the car park machine again without all that pre-booking nonsense.  A geocaching we went, though giving  a Little Un the phone to find them is a bit hair pullingly stressful. so I slunk about in the undergrowth (nothing unusual there I hear you say) whilst the Commander in Chief did the hair pulling.

Just so happened that I was slunking right next to the cache.  In built navigation skills, a sixth sense, call it what you will... it was in a decent container too and swapping of objects  ensued. Little Uns chose balloons that lit up.

The next one was very cunningly concealed though  the contents a bit underwhelming,  just a scroll of finders to add too. I had slunk by it without noticing.

Then time for  a look round the Walled Garden at breakneck speed  as the Little Uns wanted to get to the Mud Kitchen. I sought out water.

The Mud Kitchen had been disappeared by Covid safety revisionists but the Little Uns were distracted by the little tiny frog/toad lets that were just about everywhere. Hope the Little Uns didn't hear the popping of collateral damage...ribbit ribbit.



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