Sunday, 4 April 2021

Barryat trick

Back on it again Saturday and no sooner had I sunk the two front sticks in the soft clay bank in as swim across the water from Friday's session than then two gimlet eyes fixed me in their six mile stare. Quite similar markings round the head to my constant companion the day before but a bit smaller I'd say. They obviously have learnt from their own personal furlough that anglers mean free food, rather than six points of steel.

The attack was based on method feeders packed with spicy sausage goodies and a little pink or yellow tempter over groundbait, hemp and corn. I find the yellow pineapple tends to out fish the pink tuna but it's always good to keep ringing the changes

Not many plucks or jangles today, just good old butt ringing baitrunner fizzers.  First two on pink and yellow perils respectively were two female tench, both putting up a decent show even on the excellent 1.5lb tc 12 foot Korum All-rounders. Never outgunned and with a nice full action.

The first had a hitch hiker which I thought might have been a damsel fly nymph.

The most butt ringer baitrunner fizzing take was from this very athletic 'Barry' which did tear about a bit. Much solider than Friday's bream with some weight in the net as I hoisted it away from my salivating crocodilian companion. Lovey buttery colour too. Perhaps that's why it fancied a yellow peril: you know, like when we put  a buttercup under our chin to see if we liked butter as kids.

This lovely oily hemp went in with the left over groundbait for next time.


  1. Another hovering pike, that's just a little bit spooky. Surprised at the number of tench coming out, all over the country, despite the cold.

    1. Think they like the undercut banks to hide in, but I'm sure they a get to associate angling activity with either fish being landed/retained/returned or bait being dropped in. They do take boilies and other baits quite often there too. No shortage of prey fish though.

      Think tench will feed at most times of the year if they have bait going in.

    2. Pike seem to learn where there's an easy meal.