Thursday, 22 April 2021

Take five.

Work owed me a couple of hours and it was a tad warmer so off to the Very Local Water with a tin of golden goodness, some pellets and a bag of Sourcery. It's door to gate in 5 minutes in the charabanc and with rods banded another 5 till a bait is in the water. Two baits in a tad longer, as I was on the rickety stage and had room for two puddle chuckers within an easy eye line. Lovely to get the Drennan Tench and Specimen Float 13 footers out as a pair. One with a Source mini and one with two grains of golden goodness, both on a Guru QM1 #12 with a bayonet stop on a hair for ease of baiting .

A lot shallower and more sheltered than the Next Nearest Local Water, and as a consequence gets a lot warmer a lot quicker. Warm enough to be fish soup today with bream, tench, pike and mud pigs sporting with gay abandon. 

First  float away was the left hander, a tench had taken the Source mini but it came in like a bream. A very long thin tench indeed. A flash of buttercup yellow belly. No weight to go with the length but a tench and my first fish from the Very Local since it was closed, almost dry in the summer. Didn't think we'd ever get back on there and it's at the mercy of the rain gods even now.

Two bream in quick succession to the right hander, on the golden goodness. First was a very bright young thing and it's head all spawn bumpy.

The second also, albeit sans bumps and a but longer in the pharyngeals.

Almost home time and a almost double hook up left and righter. In that one went back as the other float dipped. 5 fish in an hour, mustn't grumble.

Another lost and found puddle chucker, though this was lost and found the previous year (2019) hence the patina.