Monday, 5 April 2021

Icy blast

The promised snow came today, on and off with fierce winds. Dry powdery stuff it was and at times out of bright skies, what the newly arrived swallows made of it only they knew. Found a sheltered spot beside  a big willow and  had a couple of small roach and this bream as well on triple red maggot on the waggler. It wasn't a chore to be fishing despite the conditions but I'm not sure I put a huge amount of effort in to be fair.  

That's it really, house is creaking and groaning under the onslaught of the fierce north westerly, my knee has swollen up and I'm just about to seek solace in a hot water bottle and later wine. Work tomorrow I think will be remotely performed once I've done and reported my twice weekly lateral flow test.


  1. Most be the weight of those bream you catch that's not doing your knee any good.